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Fast Filling, Robust Quality, Easy to use

ETAP provides effective dunnage bag inflators

An air compressor and an inflator are required to fill the dunnage airbags. All our inflators use the venturi technique which ensures a fast filling process. In addition to the air that comes from the compressor the outside air is sucked in through a special flip-valve system. That way the airstream is more than doubled.

The most common filling adapter is the metal inflator with locking adapter (MI02), which is very robust and recommended for most users. A cheaper slternative is the PI 03 which is made of platic. It is not as durable as the metal version but it also work for users who use the tool not as often.

In case there is no air compressor at hand, the Bosch battery-powered blower (BI13 / BI15) is the best match. It guarantees flexible handling and saves the cost of purchasing a compressor. Approx. 80 – 100 dunnage bags (depending on size) can be filled with one battery load.

For particularly narrow gaps, the items  MI 10 and MI 11 would suit very well. All our inflators fit on our quick filling valve of the different dunnage bag types and guarantee a time-saving filling process.