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ETAP provides worldclass dunnage bag solutions

Etap Packaging International GmbH produces Polypropylene (PP) dunnage bags, kraft paper dunnage bags, 3D dunnage bags or also individual system solutions according to customer requirements.

Our airbags help to prevent transport damage in containers, trucks or trains. In this way, we ensure a safe flow of goods worldwide and increase the satisfaction of our customers’ customers when the goods are delivered without damage. Dunnage airbags are used in a wide variety of industries. Be it in the field of automobiles, consumer industry, beverages, construction, chemical production, metal and mechanical engineering, wind turbine manufacturers and many other industries. Starting with one production facility in Europe – Etap today has three production facilities and more are already in the process of planning.

Due to our broad network we are able to guarantee fast delivery times worldwide. Constant new innovations and technical progress strengthen our market position and make us a little better every day. Honesty, mutual respect and our many years of experience are the basis for the successful long-term cooperation with our partners.

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ETAP produces certified Dunnage Bags to make global trade safer every day and to protect goods from damage during transport.


The accelerations acting on a ship in a seaway result from a combination of longitudinal, vertical and predominantly transverse movements. Our Dunnage Bags prevents these movements and secures your cargo.


Goods transported in trucks are subject to significant front-to-back forces due to acceleration and braking, and less severe side-to-side forces due to cornering. The greatest possible stress usually occurs during braking decelerations. Etap Dunnage Bags prevent that these movements get devolved. They reliably secure the cargo.


Vessel shipments refer to the loading of goods into the hull of an ocean-going vessel. In ship transports, the loaded goods are subjected to extreme forces in all directions. Etap Dunnage Bags guarantee a safe transport.


When trains are used for transport, shunting impacts when trains are being assembled, can sometimes result in heavy forces. Depending on the type of wagon, the resulting forces can be up to 4 times the weight of the wagon. Particular attention must therefore be paid to force-locking stowage with the aid of Dunnage Bags, especially when transporting containers.

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