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With our PP products we create your added value

Become part of our global network and another strong partner at our side. For us, a long-term partnership is the key to successful growth on both sides. Mutual respect and honest cooperation are particularly important to us.

Benefit from a fast and unrestricted customer service. Our production facilities at various locations allow duty-free import to almost all countries.

Our team is highly trained and has many years of experience in the industry as well as in commercial enterprises.

  • Duty free delivery to almost all countries

  • Certified products (AAR certificate) with the highest quality

  • Best prices and fast delivery

  • Excellent customer service

  • Headquarters and management in Germany

  • Dunnage Bags Collection of ETAP Packaging International
  • Dunnage Bags for Load Securing
  • ETAP Dunnage Bag Production
  • ETAP Packaging Dunnage Bags

ETAP provides worldclass PP products

Directly from the producer

Benefit from our attractive prices as you buy directly from the producer. As one of the only manufacturers, we are fully vertically integrated and have complete control over the quality and prices.


You would like to have your products marked with your name or logo? No problem – just contact us!

Territory protection

We grant exclusive customer protection for your sales territory and will forward inquiries from your region to you as our partner. This way you benefit from low prices and in addition you even get new customers through us.

Drop Shipments

In order to save freight costs if necessary or to take advantage of logistical benefits, the goods can be sent directly from our production plants to your customer on your behalf. The protection of your customer is a matter of course for us.

We want you as a distributor for our Dunnage Bags, Big Bags and other PP products!

Etap is one of the most complete and trusted suppliers for woven PP products in the market. Join us!